Affordable Flea Collar For Dogs

Affordable Flea Collar For Dogs

Affordable Flea Collar For Dogs

Are you looking for an affordable flea collar for dogs? If so, you have a great option with Collar-Me Tickless, the waterproof collar that lasts up to six months! These one-size fits all dog collars are proudly made in the USA in Kansas City, Missouri. (Not safe for cats)

Now, no matter where your dog wanders, they are protected from disease-carrying fleas and ticks. Even if your dog gets wet, the sustained release formula keeps working, sending biting insects to an early grave.

As always, we recommend talking to your veterinarian before beginning any flea and tick regimen.


Affordable Solution for Puppies 12 Weeks Old and Up

Many flea and tick collars aren't waterproof, rendering them useless in short order. So, if you have an adventurous dog that loves the water, Collar-Me Tickless is the perfect solution. However, even if your dog doesn't like the water, they're bound to encounter rainfall. Therefore, these collars are a great preventative for all dogs over 12 weeks old.

Notably, the collars are designed to stand up to lots of rough play. Therefore, they stay in place and keep protecting your dog. Considering the vast array of tick-borne diseases, that's essential. Today, the list of diseases is growing as ticks are expanding their territories. Thus, it's important to protect you and your dog when they venture outdoors.


Avoid Disgusting and Distressing Infestations 

 As the seasons change, a flea and tick collar can mean the difference in avoiding an infestation. Unfortunately, once fleas get indoors, they're a big problem despite their tiny size. Professional pest control is expensive, and fleas can be a disgusting nuisance for many weeks. Furthermore, in homes with multiple pets, each of them must be treated carefully.

Even if you do everything right, fleas can remain in your home, hiding out where you can't find them. Fortunately, something as simple as a flea and tick collar can help you avoid the problem. Along with topical and oral treatments, fleas don't stand a chance. Please, talk to your vet about possible interactions between available treatments.

Our topical treatment for large dogs over 12 weeks old, Spot-On Bug Offrepels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and flies. Plus, it works for a full month, driving away insects before they bite. Best of all, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Effective Deltamethrin Insecticide

 Collar-Me Tickless has the power of the active ingredient, Deltamethrin. It's an odorless, synthetic pyrethrin, which naturally occurs in chrysanthemum flowers. Deltamethrin is extremely effective as an insecticide but low in toxicity to mammals and people. Plus, the EPA considers the insecticide "Not Likely to Be a Human Carcinogen" by all exposure routes.

 Thus, it's an effective insecticide with low risk to you and your family. As always, young kids should not touch flea collars, so supervision is necessary. In homes with cats, take care to prevent exposure. Cats are known to be sensitive to pyrethrins.

We want to ensure you get the best affordable flea collar for dogs. Collar-Me Tickless is a great solution to keep disease-carrying insects away wherever you and your dog go!