Our Mission

DogCare LLC® provides premium flea and tick insecticide products at affordable prices. DogCare LLC® has over 30 years experience in the industry and as such we have watched large companies overcharge the consumer for years and years. DogCare LLC® is here to change the way premium flea and tick insecticide products are sold. Instead of eliminating one middle man, we decided to remove several so we can offer premium products at a mid range price point.

DogCare LLC® products are all manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Made for all life's adventures.

DogCare LLC® uses state-of-the-art research facilities and technologies to develop products. Our chemists and formulators have worked on flea and tick insecticide products for over 30 years so you can live life without fear of fleas and ticks.

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"Upon opening the can, I was able to read the directions and properly put it on my dog in a matter of 2 minutes. Directions are clear, simple, and my dog had been tick free for a week now, couldn't be happier."


"I knew this was a good collar when I took my dog on multiple hikes and walks and I got a tick, but my dog didn't! I'm so glad the collar does what it is supposed to do. I am one happy dog mama!"


"Our house is surrounded by giant trees and tall grass and we have been using these on both our dogs for about 3 months. Scratching stopped after a couple days! No fleas or ticks and our dogs like to swim and it hasn't hurt the effectiveness. Doesn't bother the boys like the liquid stuff does."


"I live right by the woods with giant trees so ticks have been a problem in the past. The collar started working within a couple days and I haven't seen any ticks on my dogs since. On month 3 and still working strong."


"I've tried to find not only a good tick and flea collar for my dogs, but one that will fit my Great Dane/Mastiff's giant neck. I believe that search is now over with this collar. Not only does it fit perfectly but is already helping them tremendously. I would definitely recommend this."